Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are an incredible team of volunteers made up of community members and parents of the choir members. They play a very vital role in the planning and operating of the Richmond Youth Honour Choirs.

We are always looking for new, valuable volunteers to come on board and contribute their resources of time and talents! They are a generous and hospitable group that are willing to share all the fun they have working together with new volunteers.

 If you have a love for the nurture and development of children in the arts, and would like to join this dynamic team, we would love to hear from you! Please email and let us know who you are and express your interests in contributing to this very active and successful organization.

Our current Board of Directors include:

President Janice Martin
Vice President Rey Ylaya
Treasurer Lucy Zhan
Secretary Elise Mirhosseini
Members at Large Alice Bacon
Michelle Bushell
Ken Gee
Geordie McGillivray
Jing (Yvonne) Xu
Linda Xu